Miranda Sky - Vocalist

Miranda Sky has been rocking stages across the country for years. She is a diverse and experienced vocalist based in Nashville, Tennessee since 2021. She currently fronts Black Sabbath Tribute - Symptom of the Universe, however she also dabbles and collaborates with several other projects. 


This page is dedicated to discovering those collaborations. 

Current Projects:

Symptom of the Universe - Heaviest Sabbath Tribute in the South (May 2021)


Announcements coming soon for NEW project collaborations!!


Past Projects:

Trash Panda Band (Spamenco) - Acoustic Duo, Auburn, Washington - June 2015-January 2019

Full Nettle Jacket - Island Doom, Vashon Island, Washington - January 2019-May 2021

Supernauty - Black Sabbath Tribute, Seattle, Washington - August 2004-June 2009


Recording Projects:

Trash Panda Band - The Dawn of Spamenco (2018) 

7Descent - The 7D Experience (2023) ***Featured on 3 Tracks***

***Highway Dreams***

***What To Do***

***Lose Control***